Mike Hand Books

A series of books exploring the fascinating industrial history of Southern Ontario.

Mike’s books delve into the histories of manufacturers throughout Southern Ontario. Many of these businesses were mainstays of their respective towns and cities. As the industrial scene changed over the years most of them vanished. Find hours of riveting reading as you delve into the histories of makers of furniture, wagons and farm equipment, tractors and transport equipment, textiles, steam engines, washing machines, fire engines and more.

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The Caterpillar Track Story

The Caterpillar Track Story We have all read that the caterpillar track came from Holt who later merged with Best to form the Caterpillar Co. of Peoria. Holt had been experimenting with a chain track design in the first decade of the 1900’s. What is not so well known is that in Grantham, England, the
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The Champion Engine

The Champion Engine In the mid 1880’s, David June of Ohio designed what turned out to be one  of the most popular of the early threshing engines, the Champion steam engine. With a vertical boiler mounted between the two rear wheels, it was of a very simple design, although somewhat cumbersome in appearance. The centre
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Logos Before Political Correctness

Logos before Political Correctness The city of Brantford sits just across the River Grand in Southern Ontario from the extensive Six Nations Iroquois reserve, one of the largest first nations reserve in Canada. One of the major manufacturers in the city was the Brantford Coach and Body Ltd, one of Canada’s largest semi trailer manufacturers. 
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