Mike Hand Books

A series of books exploring the fascinating industrial history of Southern Ontario.

Mike’s books delve into the histories of manufacturers throughout Southern Ontario. Many of these businesses were mainstays of their respective towns and cities. As the industrial scene changed over the years most of them vanished. Find hours of riveting reading as you delve into the histories of makers of furniture, wagons and farm equipment, tractors and transport equipment, textiles, steam engines, washing machines, fire engines and more.

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Toronto factory testing section

Canada’s First Automatic Telephone Exchange

  We use the telephone today almost as an extension of our right hand without a thought to what goes into it. Or the history of its development. Want to call to the other side of the world? Not a pause or a thought about the intricacies of long distance calls. It was not always
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Goldie McCulloch Wheelock Engines

Goldie McCulloch Wheelock Engines In 1854, Scottish immigrant John Goldie was hired at the Crombie foundry in Galt, Ontario as a millwright. When the owner put the foundry up for sale, Goldie and his friend and fellow employee put up $4000 as a down payment to buy it against total price of $50,000. The new
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The Frameless Semi-trailer

  In the late 1940’s, Detroit based Fruehauf Trailer Company’s Chief Engineer Keith Tantlinger developed a new semi-trailer design that has since been copied by every trailer manufacturer throughout the world. Prior to this, the semi-trailer van body was basically a covered box mounted on a heavy chassis that took the weight. Fruehauf introduced an
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