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Mike Hand
Mike Hand, retired engineer and author of numerous history books.

Mike Hand a retired engineer, took up writing after discovering an interest in the history of old manufacturing companies. The city of Brantford, Canada’s third-largest industrial centre at the turn of the century, provides a fascinating source for his early industrial history research. Later books covered manufacturers in more than fifteen cities in Southern Ontario.

Mike was born and educated in England and moved to Canada in 1953. A registered Professional Engineer, from 1959 to 1975 he was chief engineer for two different manufacturers of transport equipment, one of whom was prominent in the early development of the containerisation industry.

From 1965 to 1975, the birth and growth years of containerisation, he represented Canada on the ISO TC 104 standards committee responsible for establishing the world wide standards for freight containers.

For the next decade, he was Plant Manager for Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada Ltd. He subsequently joined Trailmobile Canada Inc. in Brantford as Vice President, Operations, becoming part of the management group involved in the buyout of Trailmobile Canada Inc. from its American owners.

His knowledge of manufacturing places him in a unique position to write the histories contained here.

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