Iron, Steam and Wood


150 Years with the Waterous Engine Works Company

216 pages, with over 150 illustrations.

This corporate history tells how the Waterous Engine Works company supplied machinery to fuel the development and growth of the country.

From the simple iron castings that came out of the 1844 foundry, the family company pioneered and became a leader in several fields.

Their sawmills were a major factor in the growth of the lumber industry.

Waterous steam fire engines became he stuff of lore.

Huge Waterous traction engines helped to open up the vast prairie expanses to farming.

Complex pulpwood grinders became almost a standard in the country’s pulp and paper industry.

The Waterous U.S. subsidiary was the first to build gasoline powered fire engines.

As over 100 years of Waterous family management ended, the company turned to the manufacture of wood harvesting equipment.

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