Steam Engines and Threshers


An historical look at manufacturers in this industry in Southern Ontario

In this book, the author traces the life of twelve major manufacturers of steam engines and threshers as the hard work of farming gradually becomes more tolerable thanks to the development of mechanisation. Even though Southern Ontario was the home of the three major manufacturers of farm equipment in Canada during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, Massey Harris, Cockshutt Plow and International Harvester of Canada, none of these companies built threshing machines or steam traction engines.

Follow the stories of twelve pioneering entrepreneurs in Southern Ontario as they built their businesses by making harvesting less labour intensive. Read how they sold nationwide but eventually lost their markets as the advent of more modern technology introduced first the gasoline engine tractor and subsequently the combine harvester.

With 129 pages and 120 illustrations, this history spans over 175 years and includes a closing epilogue describing the remains and current location for these pioneer manufacturers.

Manufacturers whose story is covered in Steam Engines and Threshers and the years they operated in Southern Ontario.

Sawyer Massey Company 1836 – 1949
E. Leonard & Sons 1839 – 1964
John Watson Manufacturing Co. 1848 – 1991
MacPherson Glasgow & Co. 1848 – 1907
Haggert Bros. Manufacturing Co. 1849 – 1902
Waterloo Manufacturing Co. 1851 –
George White & Sons. 1857 – 1981
American Abell Engine & Thresher Co. 1862 – 1912
MacDonald Thresher Co. 1876 – 1931
John Goodison Thresher Co. 1881 – 1962
Lobsinger Bros. Thresher Co. 1881 – 1950
Robert Bell Engine & Thresher Co. 1897 – 1950

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