Where Did They Go

A look at several Southern Ontario industries that once were the local community mainstay

Where did they go? A look at several Southern Ontario industries that once were the local community mainstay by historian Mike HandIn this book, the author follows the growth and disappearance of seven manufacturing companies in several different industries. Each was an important factor in the life of their community.

The enteprenours that founded and built them were all men who had to start with virtually nothing but their determination and skills. They all became well known names in their field, most with products that still show up in valued collections.

Goldie McCulloch steam engines powered factories for almost one hundred years; McClary and Beatty appliance products were known over the breadth of Canada; Knechtel furniture maintained its quality reputation; Dobbie Industries was the leading textile and yarn manufacturer in Ontario; Noxon and Maxwell home and farm products built enviable reputations; all provided employment for hundreds of their communities workers.

With 121 pages and 78 illustrations, this history spans 125 years and includes a closing epilogue describing the remains and locations of these pioneering Ontario manufacturers.

Manufacturers whose story is covered in Where Did They Go and the years they operated in Southern Ontario.

Goldie & McCulloch Co.
McClary Manufacturing Co.
Noxon Bros Manufacturing Ltd.
Dobbie Industries Ltd.
David Maxwell & Co.
Knechtel Furniture Co.
Beatty Bros. Ltd.
1844 – 1963
1851 – 1987
1856 – 1915
1859 – 1991
1859 – 1955
1866 – 1983
1874 – 1969

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